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3 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot Early This Season

Flu season is starting and, while it may be tempting to put off the flu vaccine, healthcare experts recommend being vaccinated as soon as possible. Here are five reasons to get your flu shot early:

A Bad Flu Season: Experts are warning about an increased risk of flu season coupled with the present danger of COVID. With COVID-related restrictions relaxing, and people being more willing to travel, the upcoming flu season poses the risk of “twindemic” with both COVID and flu cases at risk of spiking. With both COVID and the flu virus capable of causing respiratory problems, having a double spike can be potentially dangerous.

The Flu Vaccine Keeps You From Getting Sick: Getting the flu vaccine helps reduce your likelihood of becoming ill with the flu, even if you are potentially exposed. According to CDC data, the flu vaccine played a significant role in decreasing incidences of illness in 2020. As a caregiver, you already focused on avoiding illness for your family but think of what will happen if you fall ill yourself.

The Vaccine Reduces Severity: The flu vaccine will help reduce the severity of the illness even if you do happen to get sick. By reducing the severity of the flu, the vaccine can protect from potential complications of more serious illnesses including secondary infections such as pneumonia.

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