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Seniors doing Tai Chi

5 Benefits of Tai Chi for Older Adults

First developed in ancient China, Tai Chi is recognized as one of the Wudang Chinese martial arts. Tai Chi draws on internal power for self-defense, strength, and meditation. Tai Chi also offers great health and wellness benefits and is a great exercise alternative for older adults. Here are some of the benefits of Tai Chi for older adults, even adults who need home health care in NYC.

Here are just some of the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors:

Balance: Falls are one of the most common risks that a senior can face. According to the CDC, one in four adults experience a fall each year and of those, one in five will cause serious injuries such as hip fractures and traumatic brain injury.

Tai Chi helps foster balance and is among the

Low Impact Exercise: Medical professionals agree that exercise is highly beneficial for older adults. Exercise can significantly decrease the risk of coronary artery disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. A moderate amount of physical activity done daily is sufficient to provide benefits for older adults.

Tai Chi offers a low-impact exercise that puts minimal stress on muscles and joints. This makes Tai Chi ideal for older adults who may be suffering from muscle weakness and joint pain. While Tai Chi is very low impact, we do recommend consulting with your doctor if you suffer from severe back, joint, or muscle problems.

Better Mood: Like other forms of exercise, Tai Chi is a great mood enhancer. And, because it relies on slow movements and meditation, Tai Chi also fosters serenity.

COVID-Safe: Tai Chi can be done anywhere. While having a teacher with you live is often recommended, Tai Chi can also be learned from a video or via an online class. The key is to ensure to communicate with the teacher and let them know if you have prior injuries or weak points- that way, the teacher can help you adjust your poses to reduce the pressure on problem areas.

If you feel like Tai Chi might be right for you, or want to recommend it to a loved one, we always recommend checking in with their doctor to ensure that it is safe for their specific condition. If you are a caregiver who is looking for home health care in New York, contact Allure Home Care today.

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