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Senior care during COVID-19

5 Steps You Can Take to Help Senior Family Members During COVID

5 Steps You Can Take to Help Senior Family Members During COVID

As the COVID 19 pandemic spikes threaten communities around the world, seniors in the US continue to face an increased mortality risk from the disease. In addition to advanced age, seniors often struggle with health conditions such as diabetes, which further increases their risk of complications. If you have an elderly loved one, here are steps to continue taking in order to protect them from the effects of COVID 19.

Mask Up: Because COVID 19 doesn’t immediately cause symptoms, or, in some cases, can cause no symptoms at all, it is important to wear a mask around your senior family members. Remember, the mask helps you keep your germs to yourself and way from your elderly loved one.

Wash Your Hands: Cleaning your hands on a regular basis can help ensure that you don’t spread the virus. Some important times for hand-cleaning are:

  • When you’ve just come home from being outside
  • When you’ve touched your face
  • Before any food or beverage prep
  • Before delivering any food, beverages or medications to your elderly loved one

Stay Away if You Are Sick: If you are sniffling, even if you think it is just allergies, stay away from your elderly loved ones and wash your hands frequently- especially after you’ve touched your face or blown your nose. While we have learned a bit about COVID-19 over the past few months, we still have a long way to go before we can really know all of the symptoms and risks.

 If you are living with elderly parents or grandparents, isolate the sick family member as much as possible to help avoid the spread of the disease.

Go Virtual: While social distancing can help protect elders from the physical effects of COVID, isolation can be tough. If you have an elderly loved one who is isolated at home, find safe ways to spend time together. This can include phone calls, online meetings, or even socially distanced meetings in person with everyone wearing a mask.

Focus on Healthcare: While COVID-19 has created a new risk to everyone’s health, other health conditions have not disappeared. If your elderly loved one has underlying health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or anything else that requires medication and regular follow up with a doctor, it is important that those conditions remain controlled. Make sure that your loved one has enough medications and that any follow-up appointments are scheduled with their health care provider.

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