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7 Things to Have in Your Emergency Kit

If you’re looking to construct an emergency plan, having an emergency kit that is prepared and stocked will help ensure that your plan will succeed. If you are a home caregiver in NYC, here are ten items that you would want in your emergency kit:

Batteries: In the event of a storm, losing power is entirely possible. However, if you have a loved one who depends on electricity for survival, you definitely want to have either a portable battery or a backup generator on standby.

Medications: Having extra medications can help ensure that your loved one doesn’t run out during an emergency. As you prepare your emergency kit, speak to your doctor about options for getting extra medications.  

Sanitizer and Antibacterial: In the event of an injury, or if you should lose water, having a sanitizer and an antibacterial ointment is key to preventing potential infection. While most emergency kits come with a few alcohol wipes, these may not be enough for you and your family.

Something Calming: Emergency situations can be stressful and scary for everyone, but even more so for someone who is suffering from a physical ailment or from dementia. This can be a favorite object or something to provide a distraction from the stress.

Food and Water: Having a bit of extra food and water on hand in case you cannot make it to a store or in the event of an evacuation can be helpful. When preparing an emergency stash of food, make sure to keep your loved one’s dietary restrictions in mind.

Medication-Delivering Vehicles: If your loved one relies on medications that need a special delivery vehicle such as injectable drugs, make sure that you have those stocked as well.

Extra Chargers: Having an extra cell phone charger and laptop charger is helpful, but you should also remember any other important chargers. Remember, in a punch, most laptops can connect to your cell phone and be used as an extra source of power.

Having a good first-aid kit is key to ensuring that you are prepared for any emergency and that you are able to care for your loved one.

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