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Major Challenges Posed By COVID

Major Challenges Posed By COVID and How to Tackle Them

While the distribution of vaccines is now a possibility, COVID continues to pose a serious threat to our seniors. As we continue to adjust to all of the extra safety precautions that have become a requirement due to this virus, there are also important elements and unintended consequences that need to be addressed.

Senior Loneliness is On the Rise: With seniors, and especially ill seniors, being at high-risk from COVID 19, many seniors are no longer to enjoy many of the public activities that brought them joy. If you have a senior in your life for whom you’re caring and who is at risk for COVID, enlisting help from family to spend time with that senior over video chat or putting extra effort into planning socially distanced get-togethers is important- especially over the holiday.

Mask Associated Dry Eye: Many people have reported an increased prevalence of dry eye symptoms such as burning, itching, grittiness, and even tearing as a result of mask wear. This is often due to poor mask fit which results in air escaping from the mask and hitting the eye. This can be addressed by ensuring a good mask fit, breathing through the nose rather than the mouth while masked, moisture goggles, and the use of artificial tears. Seeing an eye care provider such as an optometrist who specializes in dry eye is also recommended.

Managing Other Conditions: While COVID has been in focus in recent months, other diseases still need to be addressed. If you’re a caregiver, you’re probably dealing with increased restrictions at doctors’ offices and you may even have difficulty getting an appointment for your loved ones. While it seems tempting to ignore other conditions in the face of COVID-related stress, it is actually more important than ever to be managing all aspects of your loved one’s health care.

As COVID continues to pose a challenge Sutton Home Care is here to help. Our caregivers are trained in the latest protocols in order to provide safe and efficient care.

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