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Some Gift Giving Pointers for 2020


Looking for the perfect gift for your senior loved one? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Skip the Robe and Slippers: Unless the person you are shopping for has specifically expressed the desire for a specific type of robe or slippers recently, you’ll want those, along with other ‘traditional’ gifts. After all, 2020 left us all stuck at home longer than we would have liked.

Try to stay away from generic gifts. Instead, opt for something that you know your senior loved one would like. It can be something silly, or something small. Whatever you choose to make sure that it is something special and unique to your loved one

Take Personality into Account: You may have a senior in your life who is an avid reader, or who has recently picked up bird watching. Whatever the case, take the recipient’s preferences into account.

Technology, Maybe? There is a myth that every senior is afraid of technology and that’s simply not true. Plenty of seniors have embraced technology from FaceTime to online shopping. If you have a senior in your life who feels comfortable with technology, go ahead and get them a new tablet, smartwatch, or even cool headphones. There are many new devices with increased accessibility for seniors who may struggle with vision, hearing, or movement.

Memories are Valuable: Albums, physical and digital can be a great gift. Likewise, mementos from time spent together can offer great comfort- especially during times of prolonged separation. 


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