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Tips for Celebrating Labor Day as a Caregiver

Labor Day was first introduced in Oregon to recognize the social and economic impact of America's workers. Over time, more states adopted Labor Day and it became a national holiday in 1894. For most modern-day Americans, Labor Day marks the end of summer break and the start of back-to-school season. Sure, fall hasn't quite started yet, and you may still be experiencing the summer heat, but fall spirit is in full swing. The holiday also offers a much-needed long weekend to spend with family and friends. 

However, if you are a caregiver, planning Labor Day, or any holiday, can be quite complicated. Here are a few tips for celebrating Labor Day as a caregiver. 

Plan for Respite Care As Needed

There's nothing wrong with taking time to rest during the long weekend- or any weekend for that matter. If you need a break, consider asking for help from family, friends, or even a professional caregiver. While it helps to plan ahead, there are also ways to get rest. 

Practice COVID Safety 

While the COVID pandemic is a lot less of a threat for those who are vaccinated, it is still important to practice precautions around your elderly loved ones. Avoid large indoor gatherings or plan for plenty of space. If needed consider asking your family to mask up around your elderly loved one. When in doubt, speak to their doctor about COVID safety options. 

Check the Weather

School might be in session, but the summer heat has been known to linger. Make sure that your elderly loved ones, including your charge, are hydrated. If there's too much heat, consider creating shady areas, or creating an indoor rest area that allows people to cool off. 


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