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Happy New Year

Tips for Including Your Senior Loved One on New Year’s Eve

This year has found us social distancing and, in many cases, unable to meet up with loved ones. However, just because we have to be cautious, doesn’t mean that we cannot find a way to mark the end of 2020- after all, it’s been a difficult year and deserves a sendoff. Here are tips for including your senior loved ones in the holiday celebration.

Manage Expectations: This year has been unique and, for many of us, the holidays are simply not going to feel like the typical holiday season due to the threat of COVID19. Remember that the restrictions are temporary and are in place to help ensure that you and your loved ones have many future holiday seasons together.

Going into the holiday with the expectation that it’s going to be a little different will help you enjoy the time instead of comparing this year to prior holidays.

Meet Them Half Way: Work with your senior loved one’s preferred schedule and technological ability. If they cannot stay up for a late dinner and a midnight toast, do a noon toast instead. If they cannot do a long Face Time, do a short call, or, if possible, bring the family over for a brief, outdoor, event.

Mind Mental and Physical Abilities: Your senior love one may not be able to see, hear or respond well. This might mean that you’ll have to limit activities or prep the young ones about the apparent changes in their grandparent’s personality.

Safety First: If you do gather with your senior loved ones, make sure that all family members are masked and able to retain a physical distance. It’s better to have a limited of just a few close relatives, or even have one relative come to visit than to expose your loved one to further risks- especially if you are in an area that has recently experienced a COVID spike lately.

While this season may not be like the others, please remember that there is hope for a better future. While this is our first pandemic, prior generations have survived similar conditions.

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