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Emergency Plan

Tips for Tackling Emergency Preparedness as a Caregivers

Emergency situations are tough for everyone, but as a caregiver, preparing for the unexpected can be especially challenging. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you create your emergency plan as a caregiver in NYC:

Make the Plan

Between caring for a loved one, family, work, and everything else that life can throw your way, planning for a hypothetical emergency can get stuck at the bottom of your endless to-do list. If you haven’t made a plan yet, do so as soon as possible. Emergency situations will not wait until you have time to plan and they are almost always inconvenient. However, having a plan helps you reduce stress both during the situation and in general.  

Update Your Emergency Kit

When was the last time that you’ve even looked at your emergency kit? Does it have everything that you need? Are the batteries up to date? Make it a point to check and update your emergency kit every few months to help you avoid being stuck in an emergency situation without something vital.

Have a Plan for Medications and Important Devices

Make sure that you either have an emergency supply of medications for your loved one or that you are able to get to the medications in the event that you must leave quickly. If your loved one is using medical devices, you also need to ensure that these devices can function without power.

Be Realistic About Your Loved One’s Mobility

If your loved one is limited in mobility, make sure that your emergency plan takes their needs into account. This might mean having a wheelchair on standby or having other quick means of transport. You should also consider potential obstacles in the home such as stairs.

Make Sure You Have Backups in Care You Are Not Home

An emergency can strike at any time which means that, even if you work from home, you may not be at home when an emergency strikes. Make sure that you have someone such as a neighbor who is able to check on your loved one.

Enlist Community Help

Many communities offer emergency services. Whether you have a loved one with a mental impairment or a mobility problem, make sure that the community knows that they will need a little extra help. If you don’t know whether there are services available where you live, your local fire department is a great place to start.

Speak to Your Entire Team

Sharing the emergency plan with family seems reasonable, don’t forget to also include others within your household. For instance, if you have a home health aide or a nurse helping you care for your loved one, make sure that they are also aware of the plan.

Creating a good emergency plan can take a bit of time, but if you are a home caregiver in NYC, it is well worth setting aside time. 

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