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Tips for Handling the Holidays as a Caregiver
The holidays are often a time for family, but they are also a time that caregivers may find particularly stressful. If you are a caregiver, here are a few tips for handling the holiday.
Tips for Handling Polypharmacy Every Caregiver Needs to Know
If you are a caregiver, you are likely familiar with the variety of medications your loved one takes for their specific ailments. The technical term for one person taking a variety of medicines for one or more conditions is polypharmacy.
Facts About Breast Cancer that Everyone Should Know
In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are sharing a few facts about breast cancer that everyone should know. Share these with friends and loved ones to help spread awareness about breast cancer.
Tips for Celebrating Labor Day as a Caregiver
Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays.If you are a caregiver, planning Labor Day, or any holiday, can be quite complicated. Here are a few tips for celebrating Labor Day as a caregiver.
Knowing These Stroke Symptoms Can Save a Loved One's Life
A stroke can cause permanent damage and even death, which is why getting help quickly is key. As a caregiver in New York City, or anywhere else, sporting stroke signs can help you save the life of your loved one. Here are a few key ways to recognize a stroke:
4 Things You Need to Know About Respite Care
If you’re a new caregiver, familiarizing yourself with the concept of respite care can help prevent burnout and make you a bigger caregiver in the long run. Whether you’re new to the concept of respite care or simply need a reminder, here are five things you should know