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Tips for Including Your Senior Loved One on New Year’s Eve

This year has found us social distancing and, in many cases, unable to meet up with loved ones. However, just because we have to be cautious, doesn’t mean that we cannot find a way to mark the end of 2020- after all, it’s been a difficult year and deserves a sendoff. Here are tips for including your senior loved ones in the holiday celebration.

Some Gift Giving Pointers for 2020


Looking for the perfect gift for your senior loved one? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Skip the Robe and Slippers: Unless the person you are shopping for has specifically expressed the desire for a specific type of robe or slippers recently, you’ll want those, along with other ‘traditional’ gifts. After all, 2020 left us all stuck at home longer than we would have liked.

How to Choose the Right Home Health Care Agency

Many seniors and caretakers are turning to home health care as their preferred mode of care. Not only does home health care allow more freedom and independence for seniors, but it also helps ensure that family members are still able to oversee the care of their loved ones. If you're looking into home health care, check out our tips for choosing the right home health care agency. 


Halloween During the COVID Era: Tips for Protecting Vulnerable Family Members

While candy and costume-loving children often have the most fun during Halloween, the holiday can be entertaining for adults of all ages. For seniors, giving out candy to the neighborhood children, enjoying spooky movies with the family, and seeing their grandkids in costume can be a source of enjoyment. In the wake of COVID-19, however, safely celebrating Halloween can be a challenge. Here’s what you need to do to protect your family:

Check Local Guidelines

5 Benefits of Recieving Care from a Home Health Care Agency

When it comes to choosing the right type of care for a senior loved one who needs support and assistance, there are plenty of options. While, in the past, caretakers were forced to choose between placing their loved one in the care of a nursing home or tending to the care themselves, home health care provides another alternative.

Tips for Protecting Your Senior From Financial Abuse

 Financial abuse is often overlooked when it comes to elder abuse. However, financial abuse is much more common than most people think! According to recent reports, senior financial abuse was found to affect 36.9% of Americans over the age of sixty-five.

While financial abuse can come in many forms and can be extremely frustrating, there are ways to protect your senior family members.