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5 Benefits of Tai Chi for Older Adults
First developed in ancient China, Tai Chi is recognized as one of the Wudang Chinese martial arts. Tai Chi draws on internal power for self-defense, strength, and meditation. Tai Chi also offers great health and wellness benefits and is a great exercise alternative for older adults. Here are some of the benefits of Tai Chi for older adults, even adults who need home health care in NYC.
Is it Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer's is different from the normal forgetfulness of aging. Alzheimer's is one of many conditions that cause the radical changes in memory, reasoning, and behavior known as "dementia." The normal forgetfulness of aging is just an inconvenience, a slowing down. The serious changes of dementia eventually result in the inability to live on your own.
What is Low Vision: Identifying Low Vision Problems
Low Vision is defined as reduced vision that cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. This might mean a reduction of visual clarity, or how well a person sees, or a reduction of the visual field, or side vision.
What is Low Vision: Common Conditions
Low Vision is defined as reduced vision that cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. While low vision can happen at any age, it is a prevalent problem among seniors. According to the American Family Physician, one in three adults over the age of 65 has some sort of sight-threatening condition.
7 Kinds of Love According to the Ancient Greeks
The ancient Greeks may have lived thousands of years ago, but they may still have a thing or two to teach modern society. For instance, the Ancient Greeks had seven different words for love. While, in the modern-day US, the word ‘love’ often evokes the notion of romantic love, we are aware, at least in part, that love comes in many forms.
Major Challenges Posed By COVID and How to Tackle Them
While the distribution of vaccines is now a possibility, COVID continues to pose a serious threat to our seniors. As we continue to adjust to all of the extra safety precautions that have become a requirement due to this virus, there are also important elements and unintended consequences that need to be addressed.