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Major Challenges Posed By COVID and How to Tackle Them
While the distribution of vaccines is now a possibility, COVID continues to pose a serious threat to our seniors. As we continue to adjust to all of the extra safety precautions that have become a requirement due to this virus, there are also important elements and unintended consequences that need to be addressed.
Tips for Including Your Senior Loved One on New Year’s Eve
This year has found us social distancing and, in many cases, unable to meet up with loved ones. However, just because we have to be cautious, doesn’t mean that we cannot find a way to mark the end of 2020- after all, it’s been a difficult year and deserves a sendoff. Here are tips for including your senior loved ones in the holiday celebration.
Some Gift Giving Pointers for 2020
Looking for the perfect gift for your senior loved one? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:
Tips for Protecting Your Senior From Financial Abuse
Financial abuse is often overlooked when it comes to elder abuse. However, financial abuse is much more common than most people think! According to recent reports, senior financial abuse was found to affect 36.9% of Americans over the age of sixty-five. While financial abuse can come in many forms and can be extremely frustrating, there are ways to protect your senior family members.
Managing Senior Health During COVID-19
While COVID-19 continues to threaten the senior population, it is important to remember that any health conditions that a person faces can turn into a dangerous problem if they are not properly managed. If you have a senior loved one who is self-isolating due to COVID, it may be up to you to ensure that they receive proper care. Here is what to keep in mind:
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